Timber Treatments

We can help treat a variety of timber issues that include:

Dry Rot

Dry Rot is the most destructive form of fungul decay. Once dry Rot spreads it causes severe deterioration to the structural timbers in your property.

For dry Rot to begin, it requires water to penetrate, increasing the moisture content to above 22% which allow bacteria and micro fungi to colonise in the wood, resulting in the partial breakdown of the cell structure.

Dry Rot is identified by:

A destinctive mushroom smell

A fruiting body

Red spours may be deposited as a layer of dust

Cuboidal cracking and a white mycelium

Dry Rot Causes

Dry Rot is caused by building defects such as:


Poor Ventilation


Rising Damp


Leaky Guttering

Dry Rot Treatments

Once the cause of the dry Rot is identified and rectified the treatment of dry Rot can begin. Dry Rot treatment involves.

Removal of wall plaster and cut away affected timbers as detailed in your report. Application of a fungicidal wall solution by drilling, irrigating and surface application. Introduce ventilation and Re apply our specialist plaster.

Dry Rot
Dry Rot
Dry Rot
Dry Rot

Wet Rot

Wet Rot is a fungus. It is caused by a high moisture content in timbers due to building defects.

Wet Rot is identified by:

Soft /spongy timber

Timber that is darker usual

Damp musty smell

Localised fungus growth

Wet Rot Causes

Some common causes of Wet Rot are:


Plumbing leaks


Roof defects


Penetrating Damp



Wet Rot Treatments

Like all damp issues it is important to correctly identify the cause of the wet Rot.

Once the cause is found and rectified, we can begin to treat or replace affected timbers, in some some instances we may need to introduce ways to increase ventilation . Whether timbers can be treated or need replacing depends largely on the condition of the timber. All surrounding timbers will be treated with the suitable timber preservative.

Wet Rot
Wet Rot
Wet Rot
Wet Rot


Woodworm infestation or wood boring beetle, as it is commonly referred to, is found in many residential and commercial buildings.

Damage to timbers can occur, as wood boring beetles are able to use wood as a food source. The most common infestations are from the common furniture beetle.

Woodworm is identified by a number of tell tail signs in timber they include:

Exit holes. Holes that are generally 2mm to 5mm in size

Bore dust, also known as frass

Woodworm Causes

Some common causes of woodworm are:






Decaying wood

Woodworm Treatments

In order to treat the Woodworm correctly it is important to identify the species of beetle that is affecting the timbers. Generally Woodworm is treated with A Chemical insecticide applied to the timber.

Additional Services

Rising Damp


Rising damp is simply water rising from the ground through capillary action. The ground water also contains salts which also travels up through the wall.

The moisture from the ground water is absorbed through porous materials such as plaster and skirting boards.


Penetrating damp is the ingress of water through an external wall and into a property and is the most common type of damp issue.

Penetratiing damp is caused by a defect in the building or where the brick have deteriorated to a point that they become porous and allow water to enter the property.

Penetrating Damp


Structural waterproofing is a term used to describe a waterproofing system applied to a structure with an earth retaining wall.

Structural waterproofing generally deals with water ingress from below ground level.


Condensation in your home is caused when warm air, which is full of water vapour comes into contact with a surface that is colder than the warm air. These surfaces are usually windows or walls causing water to be released on to the cold surface. Black mould can quickly follow if the condensation is not dealt with.

Condensation Control
Timber Treatments


We can help treat a variety of timber issues that include dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.

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